MATTERSBURG - Home of the Betonwerk Koch

As a Burgenland enterprise the Betonwerk Koch is deeply rooted in its location of Mattersburg.

To be found on the spacious company premises are the modern, fully automated production facilities including mixing plant, quality testing and development, the administration building with offices and conference rooms, the company's own fleet of vehicles and machinery, loading and unloading zones, truck weighbridges, a workshop, the high-quality recycling facility as well as the extensive storage area with more than 1,400 articles.

The enterprise Betonwerk Koch even shapes the townscape on the drive in to Mattersburg: On the occasion of the State Special Exhibition "150 Years of Railways in Burgenland", an original locomotive was assembled from Koch concrete elements.

Annually, in the spring, the “Koch Storks” arrive as guests at the company location and nest on a tower at the site - visible from afar, in the meanwhile legendary and popular with both the local population and the company owners. When the young storks are large enough and have adequately practiced their flying skills on the company's premises, the stork family retreats to warmer climes in the autumn, only to return the following year.