The Quality of our Products

All products from the Betonwerk Koch impress through highest quality and cost-effectiveness, durability, absolute environmental-friendliness and recyclability. Our concrete products are made only from natural raw materials such as sand, water and cement.

The specially developed Koch High-Performance Concrete can also withstand extremely aggressive waste waters with the Aggressivity Level 3. The Betonwerk Koch started with its serial production as the first European company to do so. To maintain this remarkable quality, the necessary measures and values thereto were set down for this purpose in ÖNORM B 4710-1 (High Performance Concrete in Urban Sanitary Engineering HL-SW-Concrete).

Quality Auditing: Our enterprise has concluded a monitoring agreement with the Experimental and Research Institute of the City of Vienna (MA 39). We are a member of the Quality Protection Association ‘Pipes in Urban Sanitary Engineering’ (GRIS) and we are in possession of the appropriate quality mark. Accordingly, our product quality is also assessed and reconfirmed on the the official side.